Our Story

All of our product lines are tried & tested by our own quality controllers our 3 Rhodesian Ridgebacks Nahla, Ruby & Koba, if they approve, they go on the website for all of your lovely furry friends to enjoy. 

The reason for starting K9Delights is because over the years we have trawled the isles of commercial pet shops on the hunt for products that were of nutritional value & wouldn’t upset our dogs tummies. We are so conscious as a family of what we give our dogs and we stay away from any artificial flavours and preservatives. I think generally as a nation we are definitely becoming more aware of what we feed our dogs and how poor diet and processed treats/chews can actually affect their overall health not just their waistlines!  

After a lot of trial & error we came up with a range that not only agreed with them, but also provided enrichment and added nutritional benefits, keeping them happy, healthy and mentally satisfied. We then started looking at where we can source these products from to ensure we remain ethical. We use several different suppliers that are thoroughly researched so that we can make sure all products come from ethical manufacturers and can be traced back to the beginning of the supply chain. All of our products are sourced within the EU, with most being from the UK. We then created our own range of dog food so that we could be 100% sure on what ingredients were used in the food and where it came from. Our dog food is manufactured in the UK and use only the highest quality ingredients to provide optimum nutrition. 

Anyway, one evening we thought to ourselves, why not share this range of products with other dog owners and start spreading the all natural way of rewarding our dogs? So here we are, offering you 100% natural products that our dogs love & yours will to.